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IMA and Attribytes

Chandler, Ariz. (PRWeb) May 13, 2019 — Attribytes, Inc. a Chandler-based software as a service (SaaS) company connecting foodservice manufacturers and distributors to drive collaborative sales growth, today announced its expanded partnership with Independent Marketing Alliance (IMA). IMA will leverage Attribytes’ industry leading technology to clean, enhance and share product information for their entire foodservice distributor membership, Shamrock Foods Company, Reinhart Foodservice, Nicholas and Company, Maines Paper and Foodservice, Merchants Foodservice and Food Services of America.

IMA was founded in 2001 to provide its independent market leading foodservice distributor members combined buying power and pricing, strategy, superior marketing, category management, EXCLUSIVE BRANDS programs and more while maintaining each member’s independence. The expanded program with Attribytes will provide better data and information services for the group and each member. 

“IMA’s focus to bring significant value to its distributor members goes far beyond buying power and scale,” says Rob Mould, President of IMA.

“We work to provide strong strategies, data driven insights and information to make sure our members EXCLUSIVE BRANDS are competitively positioned and represented with complete and robust content that will drive ecommerce initiatives. Attribytes Easy Data Pool alongside its full suite of foodservice focused tools and support are going to help us deliver enhanced information our members can leverage. 

Attribytes first began working with IMA in 2016 when IMA members began licensing Attribytes Business Intelligence tools on a limited basis, and later in 2017 as Attribytes built a data HUB for IMA to visualize, review, and analyze member provided purchasing data. The new program brings the full and comprehensive suite of services offered by Attribytes to IMA and their member network. 

“This expanded relationship will bring all of IMA’s data needs into one easy-to-use platform” says Mike Kovarik, Founder and CEO of Attribytes. “We are excited to drive item data quality & complete content for IMA and their members.” 

About Independent Marketing Alliance 

For more than 15 years, Independent Marketing Alliance (IMA) has provided innovative foodservice solutions nationally through the leading network of the largest independently operated food service distributors in their respective markets. The company provides strategy and full-

service business planning, volume buying power, category management, differentiated, and exclusive branded products, enhanced marketing services and quality assurance. The IMA member foodservice distributors network includes Reinhart Food Service (Midwest), Shamrock Foods Company (Mountain Central), Maines Paper & Foodservice (Northeast), Merchants Foodservice (South), Nicholas and Company (NV, UT) and Food Services of America (Pacific NW). To learn more about IMA visit or call 281-531-0007. 

About Attribytes 

Attribytes, Inc. is a software as a service (SaaS) company that connects foodservice and retail companies within a cloud-based platform to grow sales by collaboratively cleaning, enhancing and sharing data. Attribytes combines more than 150 years of industry experience with a world-class technology team that spans the globe to deliver innovation solutions such as View My ProductTM, Collaboration Sales Dashboards and Business Intelligence tools, pricing and logistics modules, and other data and document management tools. For more information, visit or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.