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Pierport Certified Fair Trade Salmon Exclusively Available Through IMA Members

Introducing Pierport Fair Trade Sustainable Atlantic salmon, available for the first time in the foodservice industry. Starting in late July, Harbor Foodservice, Nicholas and Company, Shamrock Foods and Y. Hata & Co. will be the exclusive distributors of responsibly raised Fair Trade Certified, Farmed Atlantic salmon, delivering the highest quality antibiotic and chemical-free salmon to operators across the United Stated.

“We are excited to distribute the only certified Fair Trade salmon in the US. The product will be offered in 4, 6 and 8-ounce frozen fillets, skin on or off, in 10 lb. boxes”, said Rob Mould, IMA President and CEO.

Pierport Fair Trade salmon, through Kvarøy Arctic, is dedicated to sustainably raising Atlantic Salmon at scale. Located in the Arctic Circle, where the pristine waters are ideal for rearing a premium fish. By utilizing a best-in-class blue feed model that is better for the environment and has less dependency on feeder fish, the result is a salmon that is higher in Omega 3’s than any other farmed or wild salmon.

Kvarøy Arctic through Pierport Seafood is the first farmed finfish to carry the Fair Trade USA seal, and is BAP, ASC and Global G.A.P. certified. It is one of a small number of farm-raised fish certified by the American Heart Association’s® Heart-Check program.

“It means that we have a highly recognizably Fair Trade USA seal on our product with IMA so people discovering our salmon for the first time through their partnerships know we care deeply and have a thoughtful approach to supporting our teams”, Alf-Goran Knutsen, Kvarøy Arctic CEO.

To order or learn more about Pierport Fair Trade Certified Salmon contact your nearest distributor.